Royal Q is Super Intelligent Trading Robot on Autopilot

You are one click away to start 100% automated quantitative trading

Royal Q Takes the lead in the industry. One-click is all it takes to set up the quantitative trading system. Realize intelligent trading, real-time monitoring, and tracking big data algorithms.

Royal Q Adjusts real-time market conditions to maximize user profits. You can be sure of continuous income with real-time monitoring for 24/7 hours.


Royal Q Takes the lead in the industry.
One click is all it takes to set up the quantitative trading system. Realize intelligent trading, real-time monitoring, and tracking big data algorithms.


Royal Q Adjusts real-time market conditions to maximize user profits. You can be sure of continuous income with real-time monitoring for 24/7 hours.

The Benefits of Royal Q quantification system

Royal Q uses a multi-strategy and multi-technology fusion intelligent quantification method. To begin smart financial management, users only need to choose the appropriate investment style and click the key to start. The system will match the appropriate quantification strategy to market conditions. 

Customers maximize their profits.



No emotional feelings about the bears and bulls. Advanced mathematical models are used to replace subjective judgments. Trading bot computer technology is used to select “High Probability” events. These are the ones that have high returns from large historical data.

Real Time Strategy

Royal Q adjusts the operation based on the style of the user. Royal Q will take you through the bull or bear with profit. 
Trade logic to make the difference and earn profit.

Quantitative Trading Strategy

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to match quantitative trading strategies to the market.

This eliminates the need for professional judgments by quantitative trading users and the possibility of mismatches in time using the same strategies.

Symple and Easy to Operate

It’s simple and straightforward to use.
Users only need to bind Huobi and/or Binance Exchange APIs and select the currency and strategy style. Then they can implement intelligent fool-style financial management.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence algorithm 24/7 seamless intelligent tracking, powerful analysis and processing capabilities and executes corresponding operation strategies

4 Reasons why crypto traders choose Royal Q​

Professional traders strategy

Ability to sync to a circle and use strategies from Professional traders that have a cumulative profit rate even 102112.59% 

There are so many Professional teams with their own Circles that you can sync and use their exact strategies, and they are updated in real-time with the market.

99.99% Profit guaranteed

Why it’s not 100%?

Let’s say a robot bought $100 worth of bitcoin. The only way to “lose” money is if crypto-assets you purchased go down to $0. In this case, how likely will that happen for bitcoin? 

Very unlikely.

In the long run, you will be profitable 100%

Trade without emotions

Crypto trading requires years of practice and a thorough understanding of market dynamics to maximize gains. Moreover, unlike investing, where the holding period is extended, trading involves frequent buying and selling of securities. This, most of the time, result in losing money.

The robot only makes the decision based on the algorithm, and there is no emotion involved like us humans. As a result, you maximize your profit by using a robot like Royal Q.

Super Smart AI

Quantitative strategy is an advanced mathematical model developed by industry professionals, including programmers, statisticians, and investment analysts.

The purpose is to identify crypto with a higher probability of outperforming an index using a broad range of characteristics.
The system never sleeps. Works for you non-stop.

Over 100 Milion USDT

User profitability hits record high!

Over 10,000  new people join every day!

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You can start earning in 3 minutes from now.

2 Download the Royal Q App

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10% - 60% MONTHLY





Frequently asked Questions

Royal Q Official Website

Royal Q is an automatic crypto bot that buys and sells the top crypto projects for you automatically. 

The bot is powered by Artificial intelligence connected with your Binance or Huobi account through API settings earns crypto for you 24/7.


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Royal Q pricing: Annual Fee of $120 of which you can use $20 for the fuel fee.

Fuel fee is performance rate.

When Royal Q bot sells trade in profit, you keep 80% and Royal Q bot takes only 20% from your fuel money. 

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V1 You become V1 once you activate your account with $120, that means that you can start trading or use the affiliate program to earn money. For everyone you register you earn 30% – $30 and 20% of their earnings.

V2 To get to level V2 you must bring in 3 activated members to form a team and together register up to 20 activated members. You will earn 10% from each member of the team which will be 30% and a 40% direct referral bonus.

V3 Directly refer 5 persons and together bring in 100 persons to achieve V3 and get a commission of 40% team reward and 50% direct referral.

V4 Directly refer 8 persons and together bring in 300 persons to achieve V4 and get a commission of 50% team reward and 60% direct referral.

V5 Directly refer 12 persons and together bring in 800 persons to achieve V5 and get a commission of 55% team reward and 65% direct referral.

V6 Compensation Plan
Directly refer 20 persons and together bring in 1500 persons to achieve V6 and get a commission of 60% team reward and 70% direct referral.


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Royal Q is designed for professionals and beginners. You don’t need to have any professional trading skills to buy and sell in the crypto.

All it takes is one click and the best strategies for best profits will apply according to current market.

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Royal Q is not a Scam. The only money that goes to royal q is the $120 annual subscription price.

And the Robot trades for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using funds from your Binance or Huobi account.

Your trading capital is safe since it is deposited in your Binance or Huobi USDT wallet, which is one of the most secure crypto exchanges available.

Other prominent trading bots charge as much as $100 per month, but Royal Q costs only $120 per year.

Register now

To activate the App, go to
“Mine” at the bottom right.

After that, click on “Asset”
in the third row. You will see
“Withdraw”, and
Click on Deposit to copy your
Royal Q account USDT wallet
You can then send 120USDT
(TRC-20) to the wallet
address and click activate to
activate your account.

Check the short video: HOW TO ACTIVATE ROYAL Q IN LESS THEN 40 Sec

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